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Student Life

Student Support

Kimberley Training Institute supports students through their vocational studies with the following services.

Support with reading, writing, maths and computing
If you would like help with your studies then KTI’s Open Learning Centre might be the answer. A lecturer will work with you to help develop the specific skills required for your course such as reading, writing, maths, computing and organisational skills.

Support for students with a disability
KTI has a Disability Support Coordinator who can provide information and advice, and coordinate individual study support with students. 

You are encouraged to talk with your lecturer or the Disability Support Coordinator about the impact that your disability or medical condition may have on your study. We will work with you to meet your study needs and ensure you are not disadvantaged. 

If you require assistance at KTI you should make contact as early as possible and be willing to discuss what assistance you need. Any information you give will be treated confidentially. Contact 

For more information on support available visit 

KTI Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2012-2016